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Whatever our involvement with counselling, coaching, mentoring, or organisational consultancy we all have a concern with how we facilitate personal change well and to keep improving our skills as we go.  One of the underlying issues that is common to significant changes is that they cannot be achieved in one day or at first attempt.  They all require ongoing and determined action in order to success.  What makes the difference between success and failure? At the heart of this practice is a set of assumptions based on years of experience that helps to understand what makes personal change happen and what blocks it, and the use of a person (Coach or Counsellor) to effect change. 


Suzanne has a great enthusiasm for systemic transformational coaching as a way of working. At it’s best, this way of working joins head and heart in a practice called  ‘fearless compassion’, ‘Fearless in that we are often the only people who are able to give the difficult feedback to our client – and without that fearlessness they will go on unaware and therefore not achieve what they tell us they want. ‘Compassion’ in that, if we do not hold to the best in the other and put ourselves in their shoes, we are simply another harping critic and as such do not deserve to be trusted and listened to. Fearlessness coupled with compassion will help to create the change that is required.

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