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Suzanne is trained in Milan Systemic Family Therapy and uses systems thinking when approaching organisational development. The key challenge of sustaining an organisation is building staff resilience. Given that 1 in 5 Australians experience a diagnosable mental illness every year, workplaces are ideal environments for cultivating healthy relationships.


Suzanne helps clients create sustainable lifestyle changes to boost their confidence and resiliency both personally and professionally.


Contact Suzanne Barr for a more detailed outline and ideas of how to use the Wellness Inventory as a core structure of their employee wellness program.

Wellness inventory Program

The Wellness Inventory Program is a self-management tool for personal and professional wellbeing – both are of course interdependent. Illness and stress from home will impact work and work related stress impacts wellbeing at home.

Our WI Program is NOT limited to a “workplace wellness” model. It is also a way for the individual, the team, and the organisation to:

  •  motivate and facilitate increased individual self-responsibility from an intrinsic approach and

  •  it’s a dynamic platform to incorporate any and all wellbeing-related workplace initiatives, from weight loss to stress management, as well as personal development (such as improved communication skills).


Most forms of change are seldom easily embraced in any organisational culture. True behaviour change takes months, not weeks.

The Wellness Inventory’s 12-dimensional model provides a perfect structure for designing and structuring an ongoing annual employee wellness program. Other wellness initiatives, such as workshops, coaching, on-site services, and events and can be added to this structure to provide live programming throughout the year targeted to the organisation’s unique needs as well as to support and amplify the impact of the Wellness Inventory

A workshop at the beginning of the year can introduce and orient employees to our whole person wellness model and the Wellness Inventory program. Immediately following the workshop employees can complete the full Wellness Inventory assessment. This not only gets each employee involved in the program, but provides an aggregate overview of the entire worksite to give you greater intelligence to overall wellness patterns in the company.

Employees use the Wellness Inventory throughout the year to:

· Expand their personal wellness awareness.

· Experience their lives from a whole person focus.

· Deepen their sense of self-responsibility and increase their motivation for improvement.

· Support continuous lifestyle and behavioural improvement around chosen action steps.

· Learn self-care tools and practices to improve overall resiliency, health and wellbeing.

· Promote a greater capacity for optimal living and improved levels of performance.

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